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    About “The Sanctimonious Superpower” Book

    The United States of America is the guarantor of democracy and human rights. But defending these “values” is only one side of the coin. On the other hand, there are ruthless politics based on power. However, the American myth of a selfless hegemony is at work. Among other reasons, our media often use double standards.

    Michael Luders in The Sanctimonious Superpower shows how easy it is to deceive public opinion with purposeful thought management. Yesterday was the Iraq war, and today is the conflict with Iran, Russia, and China. But the US is a declining superpower; Europe must learn to represent its own interests. We cannot afford to pay the price of Washington’s junior partner in the long term.

    • Original Title: Die scheinheilige Supermacht
    • Author: Michael Luders
    • Translator: Seyed Ebrahim Taghavi
    • Original Publication Date: 2021
    • Translation Publication Date: 2022
    • Translated from: German
    • eBook ISBN: 9783986350048
    • Audiobook ISBN: 9783986350055

    The United States of America is not a selfless hegemony but an empire. And an empire follows an imperialist policy. This means that enemies or rivals in the political power scene must be weakened or destroyed as much as possible, even if necessary, by resorting to subversion, sanctions, or military intervention. The praise for Biden and his vice president – with the headline “Hope” – is understandable insofar as it is a sign of relief that Trump was not elected. But was the problem only with Trump? Are the damages caused by the Bush administration’s “War on Terror” really less than those that the Trump administration is responsible for? Wasn’t it the Obama administration that made war using drones a socially acceptable phenomenon, regardless of its numerous civilian casualties? and raised cyber espionage to a new level, even from allies, as far as the German chancellor’s phone? And cyber attacks, for example, against Iran? And does it clearly show that the United States of America, even with such a popular president, considers itself above international law?

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