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    About “The Nonviolence Handbook” Book

    “Nonviolence is not really the recourse of the weak but actually calls upon an uncommon kind of strength; it is not a refraining from something but the engaging of a positive force.”

    The Nonviolence Handbook, written by renowned peace activist Michael N. Nagler, offers a comprehensive guide to effectively using nonviolence as a means of addressing problems and building revolutionary movements. Its purpose is to rebuild society from its foundation.

    Nagler highlights specific tactical errors made by unsuccessful nonviolent campaigns, such as the Tiananmen Square protests and Occupy movement, while also showcasing successful nonviolent actions from around the world, including Nazi Germany. The book emphasizes that nonviolence is not just a tactic, but a way of life that can enhance all aspects of our existence.

    • Original Title: The Nonviolence Handbook
    • Author: Michael N. Nagler
    • Translator: Farhad Meysami
    • Original Publication Date: 2014
    • Translation Publication Date: 2022
    • Translated from: English
    • ISBN: 9781626561458

    The twentieth century left us a double legacy. On the one hand, it was a time of great cruelty and violence; on the other hand, and perhaps from that very crucible of violence, we saw manifestations of a new kind of power—or rather, new uses of an age—old power—that can lead humanity to a far better future. In the years since Mahatma Gandhi demonstrated the power of nonviolence to free India from colonial rule and Martin Luther King Jr. employed it to liberate people of color from some of their oppression in the United States.

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