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    About “Spring” Book

    1st volume of “Four Seasons” series

    In distant Iran, in a distant era… the powerful hands of great power in Tehran have stretched from the Indian subcontinent to the Mediterranean Sea. Our world’s independent countries are dependents and vassal states of this mighty Iran. This powerful Iran does not pay ransom to anyone in the world. However, it only honorably repays its debt to China after the oil runs out, and the people have pledged to owe China one million dollars since birth. The national ID card that we know is a chip that is installed on people’s brains, and by sacrificing a little bit of freedom, it prevents financial fraud and embezzlement. It even allows the government to protect the mental health of people and society and prevent violations that endanger society.

    In this better world, all people can freely use the services of experienced and educated carers as their private support. What’s better is that this service is mandatory, and everyone should talk to their support person at least once a week to release their mental and emotional pressures.

    In this version of our world, free of all problems, people don’t have to worry about choosing food and cooking it every day. The government has provided everyone with pellets processed in China’s top labs that contain all the ingredients the body needs; they just toss them in water to make them edible, and most importantly, they don’t have countless flavors of traditional and ancient foods, thus they do not divert the mind from more important things.

    The best of all these is the Guardian. A powerful and sensitive Artificial Intelligence that takes care of people from the closest possible distance from the chips in their brains and reports any problems and disturbances directly to the police.

    I wish this world was this perfect too, but even in this world, powerful Iran has many enemies… like NATO, which shamelessly established a military base in the United Arab Emirates, and…

    Can Atefeh Zahra Javaheri, our young heroine in “Spring”, overcome the enemy’s conspiracies and devilish deceptions of self-sacrificing elements and return to the warm embrace of Dr. Raefipour’s teachings?

    • Original Title: بهار
    • Volume: 1st
    • Series: Four Seasons
    • Author: Ahmad Rezaee
    • Original Publication Date: 2022
    • Translation Publication Date: 2022
    • Book Language: Farsi
    • eBook ISBN: 9783986350062
    • Audiobook ISBN: 9783986350079

    Ati only found out what was going on. Many of the people walking on the street had artificial limbs. Most of the artificial limbs were arms and legs. Because of their large and heavy hands and feet, most people’s frail and thin bodies are bent under their weight. Some people had an air filter embedded in their facial skin.

    Saad, who had seen the line of sight of Ati, said: “They are industrial and port workers. Most petrochemical jobs require you to have an artificial arm, leg, or limb. The reason for this is that heavy and industrial machines and many other things are considered banned, and no one can bring them. Previously, even the production line was smuggled; however, none of the main sanctioned instruments are now in Iran, and the colonies are still operational.”

    Right in the middle of Ati’s field of vision, the Guardian started broadcasting a report about the cruel sanctions, and Ati was momentarily drowned out by the sound of the program’s music. He managed to control his eyes and ears with difficulty and pushed the Guardian back so that he could speak.

    Ati, who had been staring at Saad behind her glasses for the last few moments, could not stop herself and interrupted Saad’s explanations: “What do you mean? These are people! They took the place of what?”

    Saad said through his teeth: “Whatever device they don’t want to give Iran. They stick their artificial body parts together and start the old cracking reactor. It is no longer possible to work with old devices by hand. That is why they go to the clinic to have their arm or leg amputated instead…”

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